The Prague Quadrennial organized the panel discussion The Splendors and Miseries of Ecological Sustainability

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In late November, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space organized the panel discussion The Splendors and Miseries of Ecological Sustainability: Possibilities and Limits of Responsibility towards Environment When Organizing International Festivals, with 81 representatives of 46 organizations who were interested in ecological responsibility not only in the field of culture. Based on specific experience and feedback from professionals, the PQ and artist Kakalík created a funny video Several Tips How to Organize a Festival More Ecologically.

The invitation for the discussion was accepted by representatives of important cultural events (4+4 Days in Motion, Designblok, Lunchmeat, MFDF Ji.hlava, Signal Festival and Jindřichy Chalupecký Society), who have been trying to react to the topic of a responsible approach to environment in practical production, value setting, or an artistic topic. Almost everybody has undergone some kind of catharsis from a good intention and personal duty to disillusionment about various myths to pessimistic ideas whether it all makes sense. Everybody was relieved when they found out they are not alone. Others have to deal with more or less similar problems – according to the type of organization, degree of regulation or budget. Representatives of professionals were invited as well. The aim of the event was not only to share experience and inspiration through good practice but the feedback to relevant subjects as well.

The first panel block focused on practical steps in the realization of a cultural event (the approach to production and disposal of scenes, waste disposal, refreshment, and gastro dishes, transportation and traveling). The second one was more idea-focused and deal with the setting of values during organization of an event and communication with audiences (promotion, ecological approach at cultural events, merch, education, the possibilities for compensating the carbon footprint, and the third panel put together organizers and representatives of state and municipality administration (grant policy, defining contractual obligations, criteria for tenders, positive motivation, etc.). The conference also featured a swap of innovative ideas, offering sustainable solutions.