Czech firms team up, support culture!

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A number of cultural institutions and organisations have had to cancel their programmes due to coronavirus. The resulting losses could send them into liquidation. Internet television site MALL.TV has joined forces with donor platform Donio and together they have come up with a means of supporting them. Many organisations, groups and artists will continue to perform, but with a crucial difference: instead of the audience coming to them, they will go to the audience, right in their own homes. How does it work?

You will be able to watch live broadcasts from concerts, performances and talks on and offer financial support easily, from the comfort of your own home, via the website, where you can make a donation in the amount of your choice. Donio will set up collections for participating institutions free of charge, and the artists will receive 100% of the amount donated.

The goal is not only to offer spectators a unique experience through web broadcasting, but to give them an opportunity to support their favourite cultural organisations.

MALL.TV will manage the technical and production side and also provide its own advertising system and support on social media networks.

Donio is a platform for organising collections, which will help set up collections and give 100% of donations to their intended recipient.

Extracted from Divadelní noviny