Cirkus will happen! Letní Letná is going to be “light”, yet with extensive Czech and international program

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Due to the coronavirus measures, some parts of the Letní Letná program had to be postponed to next year. However, as a reaction to the current measure lifting, the organizers have decided they would let the audiences have the popular international festival of contemporary circus and theatre this year as well. The lighter 27th edition will take place on August 18-25 in the Letná Park in Prague. The festival will open with a performance in the sky by the Spanish ensemble Voalá. Eight days of the festival will offer the world premiere of the French ensemble Galapiat Cirque, the surprising and once-in-a-lifetime association of two leading Czech companies, the premiere of the documentary movie A Tightrope Walker over the Vltava, and an accompanying program. The pre-sale has started on the festival website.

„We could not help ourselves, summer without Letní Letná is not a real summer, thus we did not linger and started to plan the 17th edition of the festival in the lighter version right after the measures were lifted. We will bring the best program the current situation allows for and we would be happy if people came to enjoy and support the festival,” says Jiří Turek, the director of Letní Letná. The grand opening of the festival will be provided by the Spanish company Voalá – two times in a row. The performance Voalá Station will teach “the art of flying” even to the onlookers with their feet on the ground. The musical taking place in heaven creates gripping visual images that can uplift people with the most beautiful of emotions through aerial acrobatics.

The other international company – Galapiat Cirque from France – returns to Letní Letná after eight years. They will bring the world premiere. The Czech audiences will see the new performance L'âne et la carrote/ The Donkey and Carrot. “One man tells his story of a circus artist through a series of performances. Thanks to his faithful assistant he can realize that people have to start with themselves if they want to change the world,” says the director Jiří Turek about the upcoming production he saw in France before the pandemic started.

The premiere of the documentary movie A Tightrope Walker over the Vltava will be a reminder of the unusual opening of the last year’s edition when the tightrope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga crossed the Vltava river on the 350-meter rope hanging in 35 meters. The artists will be present at the screening and the film will be available for free.

The festival program will also present the best of the Czech contemporary circus. The acknowledged Losers Cirque Company will show the special edition of their first performance The Loser(s), which was the starting point for the company. The viewers can take a trip accompanied by EnDru’s beatbox music to the contemporary circus journey full of acrobatic tricks, famous and less popular rhythms, and humor typical for this company.

Cirk La Putyka promises a circus expedition to pursue pure joy. The acknowledged company put together the Kaleidoscope performance during the coronavirus pandemic. The output is a “kaleidoscope” in which crazy jumps on a huge teeterboard alter with group dance choreographies, hanging acrobatics, and trampoline jumps.

Losers Cirque Company and Cirk La Putyka have been preparing a surprise for the visitors – once-in-a-lifetime improvisation which will be presented at Letní Letná Light only. It is a truly special experience as it will be the first creative encounter of the leaders in the Czech contemporary circus.

VOSTO5’s Stand’art Cabaret takes place here and now. The theatre and music evening full of improvisation is a traditional part of Letní Letná’s open-air program, as well as the Stejně jako Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey performed by the quick-witted Bratři v tricku. This year’s edition is no exception and both productions have free entry.

Despite the narrowing of the program, many other interesting accompanying events managed to get on the list. Even the light version of Letní Letná thinks of children who are perceived as fully-fledged visitors to the festival. They will have two stages with several performances every day. The program for children will be enriched by the circus and visual workshops, plays, trips, workshops, city camp Letní Letňák with children rehearsing a theatre performance, which will be later performed in the Letenská Park.

The festival tradition of juggling performances will continue with the Open Air Juggling Show. Those who are interested can look forward to the open-air gala show. The fresh air will see many things and audiences will enjoy top performances.

Visitors to Letní Letná Light can see the interactive exhibition of Catalonian toys for children, music stage full of bands, and DJs, along with food zones and bars that rank among the festival standard equipment.

Letní Letná Light will take place on August 18 – 25 in the Letná Park in Prague. Tickets are now available on the website of the festival. You can find more information about the event on Facebook or Instagram.