Choreographer Marie Gourdain (Prague) has been nominated for City of Leipzig awards Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship

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Attention mark for international female artists: City of Leipzig awards Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship for the first time The International Caroline Neuber Scholarship of the City of Leipzig will be awarded for the first time
this year. 

It honours outstanding, innovative and impulse-giving performances by women artists in all
areas and genres of contemporary theatre. The award comes with prize money of 5,000 euros and a
working scholarship in Leipzig worth up to 10,000 euros for work and production materials as well as
living and travel expenses. The scholarship extends the Caroline-Neuber-Prize, which has been awarded
since 1998, and with its high endowment it sets an example of respect for young, international
female theatre artists. Seven Leipzig theatre institutions, which are actively networking internationally, are allowed to nominate
female artists for the award and will support the scholarship holder during her working stay in
Leipzig: euro-scene Leipzig, Lindenfels Westflügel, LOFFT - Das Theater, Schauspiel Leipzig, Schaubühne
Lindenfels, Theater der Jungen Welt and Oper Leipzig.

The nominated artists are:
• Marie Gourdain, scenographer and choreographer, Prague
• Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, choreographer and dancer, Berlin,
• Lulu Obermayer, actress and performer, Munich,
• Renana Raz, choreographer, dancer and actress, Tel Aviv,
• Doris Uhlich, choreographer, performer and lecturer, Vienna,
• Inbal Yomtovian, actress, puppeteer, object theatre creator and theatre director, Jerusalem,

The awarding of the scholarship and the associated prize money will take place on 5 November 2020
as part of the euro-scene Leipzig festival. The scholarship holder's working stay is scheduled to take
place in Leipzig at the beginning of 2021. The International Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship will be awarded
biennially, with the next award in 2022.

Background information: The scholarship honours a contemporary understanding of theatre that considers
theatre as a place as well as a medium of social understanding and dialogue at the heart of urban
societies. The focus is on young European artists whose work sets standards in the spirit of the
German actress and theatre Principal Caroline Friederike Neuber. The so-called "Neuberin" had founded
a permanent theatre company in Leipzig in the 18th century, operated her own theatre, helped the profession
of actor and actress to gain more recognition and, in cooperation with Johann Christoph
Gottsched and others, initiated a reform of the content and forms of performance of German-language
theatre. She has given guest performances in numerous German and European cities.

The basis for the reorientation of the Caroline-Neuber-Prize of the City of Leipzig, awarded from 1998
to 2016, is the concept "International Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship of the City of Leipzig". This was
approved by the city council on 22.01.2020.

Further information on the jury and the programme paper can be found in the appendix. Detailed information
on the nominated artists can be found on the websites indicated.