Light Underground – summer series of dance performances

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The project Art for the City through which Municipality of Prague supports the presentation of contemporary art in the public space hosted a series of chamber dance performances set in the impressive spaces of Medieval underground of the Stone Bell House, the part of the National Gallery. Programme curator Sandra Baborovská challenged four small art teams to prepare dance and light performances. In four weeks, viewers had the chance to see and experience the dialogue of the ancient space and contemporary art forms.

Dancer and choreographer Dora Sulženko Hoštová, musician Jan Čtvrtník, and light designer Dominik Jančík set up a technological and motion installation Tanzometr. Their unusual multimedia performance examined relations among music, light and dance, and their measurable potential.

British dancer and choreographer of Czech origin Andrea Miltnerová and her age-long companion light designer Jan Komárek presented the motion and pictorial dance fantasy. Musician Jana Semerádová played the flute. In their dreamy improvisation with the topic of “anticipated lives” called The Memory of Stone, they tried to restore genius loci in the empty medieval cellar. Artists played with lights, shadows, sound, and silence under the vaults. ”Every place we can see has seen life in some way. Somebody has been here, stopped… was born or died. Every stone captures memory that sleeps, yet it can be awoken by imagination for a little while…”

The Memory of Stone

The narrative performance by the dance and choreographer Nataša Novotná, light designer Pavla Beranová and composer, lyrics writer, and singer Vladivojna La Chia was called Under the Thresholds. ”Our story is spun with motion, music, and light. In the space where the outer world steps only sometimes. Unknown and familiar. You just have to go down on a few steps, and we will guide you through the space that has been here for centuries, yet it is unique in every second,” the authors described their work. Vladivojna La Chia composed new music and lyrics for the extraordinary event which she performed live at the performance.

Marie Gourdain, French artist, stage designer, director, and choreographer, Hana Polanská Turečková, choreographer, who often deal with bonds between contemporary dance and visual arts, and light designer

Zuzana Režná prepared the choreographic installation Unfinished System. The composition based on the principle of the defined code and rules with proposed, yet unpredictable relations saw five dancers and musician Jan Bubák resonates with Georges Bataille’s thoughts and his (interminable) system of the unawareness. “The essence of every idea is someone else’s idea, like a bring in the wall is part of a bigger unit. We are striving for a joint building that can never be complete. Its limits can bring the unexpectable.”


The chamber dance performance focused on light and motion with four groups of artists – dancers, light designers, and musicians (e.g. Hana Polanská Turečková, Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Nataša Novotná, Pavla Beranová, Vladivojna La Chia and others), will take place regularly at the end of July and early August. They are part of the program Art for the City which now also includes realizations of temporary interventions and projects in the public space in Prague.

The series of dance and light performances are accompanied by a video with all participating artists.

2-minute version:

30-second version: