Festival Fun Fatale to present three brand new productions, one of them takes place on the roof

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On 10 September – 7 October, the 9th edition of the international festival of contemporary circus Fun Fatale is going to offer a series of acrobatic premieres performed by female performers only. The acrobat from Parma, Eleonora Dall’Asta, uses the unusual technique of the counterweight for her aerial dance.

You can look forward to the unique site-specific performance with documentary elements, performed by the leading Czech acrobat Eliška Brtnická, Zuzana Drábová’s brand new graduate performance with the merger of dance, motion theatre, and aerial acrobatics. The Czech-Swiss company Cie Pieds Pechés cannot be missing either. The main programme of the festival will also see aerial acrobatics workshops and performances for children. Apart from the Mlejn Club, some of the performances will take place at other venues in Prague, then the festival will move to Jihlava. This edition’s new feature is free entry for most of the performances.

Despite the forced postponement and cancellation of most performances in the original programme, this year’s edition of Fun Fatale will present the planned performance MATMO by the Italian acrobat Eleonora Dall'Asta. “The acrobat is bound to one side of the pulley, the other side holds heavy tubes and bars of various lengths. Due to the counterweight, the acrobat is lifted in the air and employs their weight to perform an aerial dance. Motion research has been rather topical in contemporary circus and this year’s Fun Fatale reflects upon it in nearly all performances, although it was not our initial plan,” says Eliška Brtnická, the art director, and invites the audiences. Apart from Prague, where the performances take place in the Trade Fair Palace, viewers will have a chance to see MATMO in Jihlava as well. Eleonora Dall’Asta will have a one-week masterclass of the contra-weight with an object technique with the final public presentation.

Eliška Brtnická’s project Hang Out that examines the use of architectonic and technical elements of buildings for acrobatic movement will ask several questions in both towns. Do we spend time outside like when we were young? What is allowed and what is not? Safety has become a mantra of today, but don’t we miss the tremble and feeling of fear that causes us to parachute? “My original intent was to find places to hang on in public space where I would not need the trapeze. Later it resulted in documentary production when I started to collect interviews with my colleagues’ parents about how they spent free time in their childhood. I started to cooperate with dramaturge Viktorie Knotková and we created the audio walk performance, which takes place on bridges, ledges, and ladders, accompanied by recordings on overcoming the limits and parents’ fear to let the children play outside alone,” says Brtnická.

Cie Pieds Perchés chose the way of the motion laboratory and will stage the project OK(N)o, which is tailor-made for the Prám Studio in Vysočany, Prague. Morgane Widmer and Stéphanie N'Duhirahe, along with their guests, will focus on weakening the limits between private and public space in connection with the development of new technologies. Where does freedom end? How are the limits of the intimacy of conversations shifted on social networks? The performers will try to redefine the place for individual freedom with the help of contemporary circus, physical theatre, and dance, accompanied by live music. Viewers can also look forward to the young blood of Czech contemporary circus in the graduation performance of Zuzana Drábová, the acrobat based in Cink Cink Cink company. The solo performance 7CIHEL will guide the audience through the poetic world of magic, clownery, and flamenco, with Spanish rhythms and the girl-woman transformation.

The festival will offer a three-day workshop on scarves and rope led by Stéphanie N’Duhirahe to those interested in aerial acrobatics. There will also be a performance for children: Letkyně/Fliers performed by the female acrobats from the Holektiv company.

The detailed programme of the festival, including information about seat reservations for performances with free entry, tickets, and workshops can be found at www.funfatale.cz or the festival Facebook page Fun Fatale.