This year’s Mime Fest in Polička with Czech and Slovak artists only

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The 9th edition of the pantomime festival Mime Fest in Polička near Svitavy will not have many international participants this year due to the coronavirus. It will focus on Czech and Slovak artistic works on 16-19 September, said Petra Jílková, one of the organizers.

“Restrictions in travelling that have influenced virtually the whole world were a great challenge for the Mime Fest as the organizers did not want this year’s Mime Fest to lose its good name and high quality,” said Jílková.

The Czech and Slovak edition will offer classic pantomime, physical theatre, puppet, juggling, and contemporary circus productions. Participants can choose from several workshops as well.

The festival will welcome Lenka Vagnerová, the leading figure of dance theatre in the Czech Republic. She will perform in her new production Panoptikum. The cruel environment of the once-popular freak shows is portrayed as a mystically decadent and visually crazy show.

Two contemporary circus companies – Losers Cirque Company and Cirk La Putyka – will be present at the Mime Festival as well. Losers will bring the new production Mimjové featuring Vanda Hybnerová.

“It is an adventurous story inspired by popular animated movies about Asian martial arts. Putyka will also present its most recent performance Kaleidoscope, a heterogeneous mosaic of crazy jumps on a teeterboard, group dance choreographies, aerial acrobatics, and trampoline flips,” said Jílková.

The Mime Fest will also host several one-man shows. Pavel Seriš will offer a crazy story about an alien who wants to be an earthling. Vojta Švejda, the clown, will turn into the Illusionist who will do great theatre – from opera and western to ballet and horror. The juggler Filip Zahradnický will focus on the topic of attractiveness and wealth transience in all the shapes and meanings.

“The performances for kindergartens and basic schools will be available as well, with Theatre Odivo from Slovakia with the playful puppet performance Divočiny and the biological and experimental grotesque Rajče a okurka / Tomato and Cucumber”, said Jílková.

The festival also offers three workshops. One is led by the Czech mime and festival dramaturge Radim Vizváry and is a teacher of a pantomime acting, Filip Hajduk will present the people with the mysteries of physical comedy, and acrobats from Losers Cirque Company will offer the basic features of contemporary circus, added Jílková.