Bazaar Festival 2020 is happening

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The theatre and dance festival should have taken place this March in Prague, but the coronavirus pandemic postponed it to autumn. Bazaar Festival will take place on 20 October – 1 November 2020 at the PONEC Theatre, ALTA Studio, Prostor39, ARCHA Theatre, and Prague Creative Center. The mission and topic of the festival remain the same – this year is dedicated to superwomen and you will see performances that will resonate with you long after you have seen them.

The festival will basically have the original programme with only a few changes. The audience will definitely see this year’s star performance TOGETHER by the Slovenian du Leja Jurišić-Marko Mandić, which will take place at the ARCHA Theatre. The performance is supposed to be the best that has happened in the Slovenian theatre in the past ten years. Accept the risky, funny, touching, and humane challenge, which is also exaggerated and aggressive at the same time. The challenge that asks one of the basic questions – what does it mean to be together and how to be together? The question that has acquired a completely different meaning nowadays.

“Each production at our festival provides a different, life-giving immersion in the world of emotions we share. The world with which we need to be in touch in the times associated with separation and anxiety. Our Superwomen are ready not to be stopped on their ways to your hearts and imagination! We want you to have maximum experience as viewers in accord with the strictest hygienic measures. Come to Bazaar Festival and enjoy it with us!”, says the director Ewan McLaren.

The festival will open on 20 October in PONEC with a poetic and documentary performance Lighter than Woman by the independent Estonian artist Kristina Norman, representing women who have not been afraid to leap in the dark. How does it feel to leave one’s country and family to take care of someone else in another country? The performative form of the documentary, combined with poetic and dance elements, asks questions related to the role of work in achieving a happy life.

In the third performance, Pure Gold Is Seeping out of Me, the choreographer and performer Renata Piotrowska-Auffret opens the current and burning topic of maternity. What are the conditions for women whose way to maternity is a bit more complicated in Poland today? What role does legislation play and has the mother role become unattainable for some women? Aerowaves Twenty19 has ranked the production among the twenty best European dance performances.

Last but not least, the tradition SATURDAY BAZAAR cannot be missing the festival. It will take place at the ALTA Studio and Prostor39, with the showcase of emerging performing and dance projects by artists based in Gdansk, Budapest, Colorado, Zvolen, Dresden, and Prague. The programme of Saturday ends with a two-performance evening with the performances by the progressive European artists called The Night of the Subversives.

Bazaar as a place of noisy discussions and dialogues. Bazaar as a place for exchanges, not purchases. Bazaar as an uncontrolled marketplace of thoughts, ideas, colours, and smells from all around Europe.