Pod Palmovkou Theatre and Supraphon have released the soundtrack from the production of Frankie the Armless

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The black comedy Frankie the Armless, written by Tomáš Dianiška and Igor Orozovič, has enjoyed great popularity among the viewers and professional critics at the Pod Palmovkou Theatre. The production has been nominated in Theatre Critics’ Awards for the award for the best Czech production staged for the first time, and Jakub Albrecht received the award for the performance. Actor Igor Orozovič is not only the author of the topic of the play and co-writer but, along with renowned composer Ivan Acher, the co-composer. Pod Palmovkou Theatre and Supraphon label have released the recording – as the theatre soundtrack – in the digital album.

It is rather common that songs from productions and musicals are released, but the is soundtrack, like film soundtracks with sounds from the theatre performance. It seems this is one of the very first projects that can inspire other composers of scenic music because the digital soundtrack does not need as much money as CDs and LPs do.

Frankie the Armless depicts the real life of František Filip, who was born without arms but with contagious optimism that was his greatest treasure. The authors used a huge variety of means to tell the great story through music; they also worked with the Children’s Opera Studio at the National Moravian Silesian Theatre, singer Lucie Brychtová, pianist Zdeněk Dočekal, guitarists Markus Jurkovič, Filip Pastula, and other musicians.

The introduction to the play read by Jan Hartl and some of Frantík’s monologues – letters read by Jakub Albrecht, who plays Frankie the Armless, and Tereza Dočkalová may serve as the illustration of the theatre atmosphere.

A special version of one of the main songs – Orozovič’s impressive cabaret melody Frankie the Armless performed by actress Nataša Mikulová – and the moving song The Pigeon performed by the children’s choir – are the album bonuses. The melody of The Pigeon originally pervades the production as one of the music motives that will influence even the listeners to the soundtrack with its sensitivity.

The digital album Frankie the Armless is available at all main digital services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Supraphonline. The soundtrack is not only a welcomed documentary or memory of an interesting and successful theatre performance, but it proves to be a music album that will provide the listeners with the joy of well-done songs and emotional music.

Digital album, released by the Pod Palmovkou Theatre in association with Supraphon.