The Alfa Theatre in Pilsen to participate in an online festival in Japan

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The puppet and alternative Alfa Theatre in Pilsen has canceled the biggest international tour so far this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Alfa Theatre should have been on the tour in Japan and Korea from late July to late October, playing more than 50 performances. The production Don Juan, Johanes Doctor Faustus and Genovefe directed by Tomáš Dvořák, should have been showcased at the Czech Week festival in Japan and it will now be streamed online because the festival is online as well, the theatre director Jakub Hora told ČTK today.

„The Czech Week festival offers the bits of excellent culture from the Czech Republic every year and has always had great attendance,” he said. The showcase has been moved to the virtual space, thus the puppeteers shot the productions with a few cameras in advance. Faust from Pilsen will be streamed on the festival channel. Viewers can also use the YouTube channel of the theatre called Alfa zírá, where the theatre will live stream the Whale Jiggles fairytale. „The live stream on Saturday aims to compensate regular Saturday productions,” said Hora.

This year’s Alfa tour in Korea and all Japanese islands should have followed the previous successful tours in Japan. Alfa theatremakers have toured Japan in the past three years. They were invited to be part of the accompanying programme at the Olympic Games, yet they have been canceled as well. „We are lucky it was not canceled completely, and it should repeat next year, so we still hope we will go to Japan eventually,” said Hora.

Johanes Doctor Faustus premiered in January 2005 in Pilsen. The play is based on 16th-century popular prose romances about a scholar who sells his soul to the devil. The Alfa Theatre staged the production of Don Juan, Johanes Doctor Faustus, and Genovefe earlier this year and it is the abridged version of three plays by Czech folk puppeteers, who were engaged in the Czech lands since the late 18th century. Apart from being a director, Dvořák is also a stage designer and author of original puppets he assembled from common objects.