Cirk La Putyka opened the Culture Takeaway Window

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Cirk La Putyka opened the Culture Takeaway Window Prague theatres to remain closed until the end of 2020.

Cirk La Putyka opened the Culture Takeaway Window next to the cultural venue Jatka78 in Prague. The non-traditional theatre project offered short performances for one or two viewers.

One or two viewers – or a family of four members maximum – could watch a short performance that took place inside through a “takeaway window”. There have been rumors about theatres being closed until the end of the calendar year. This is the reason why we have been looking for ways how to be close to our audiences since March. How to stay in touch. How to stay in a good mood and good shape. How to put the members of the company back on the stage, even for one viewer only,” said the ringmaster Rosťa Novák Jr.

The performance lasted for five minutes and the company played it ten times in the evening. Everything took place with all the currently valid hygienic measures. The viewers were sitting outside the window and the actors were several meters far from them. As for the limited number of viewers, it was necessary to register in advance. “Come and support us, come and experience the live culture for a while. We need you,” said Novák.

Due to the current anti-covid measures, the company has postponed all their performances; however, the tickets for the re-runs of Roots in December are on sale. Cirk La Putyka already postponed the project Cesty to April 2021. The company in association with the Jatka78 venue has recently offered the happening Ústředna 78, which responded to the coronavirus measures that do not allow to organize live cultural events. The viewers could call one of six actors, musicians, and entertainers or their guests. The purpose of the event is, according to Rosťa Novák, to have fun, entertain, and gladden people’s hearts. Apart from non-traditional theatre projects, the members of Cirk La Putyka are helping in hospitals and preparing a project for senior homes called LaDění.

Prague theatres to remain closed until the end of the year

The theatres administered by the Municipality of Prague have announced they would remain closed until the end of 2020 regardless of the possible changes in government measures. They will focus on the new programme and online streaming.

“The insecurity is devastating for both theatremakers and viewers. There are so many schemes for easing the measures that it is not possible to prepare for any of them eventually. This is why we have decided to send a message and have our theatres closed until the end of this year. Meanwhile, the theatres will be rehearsing intensively to get ready for reopening and, at the same time, they remain in touch with their viewers through streams or podcasts,” said Hana Třeštíková, the councilor for culture.

In December, the municipal theatres would like to announce more information about the plans as of 1 January 2021. The rehearsals are still going on, the newly staged productions are “preserved” but all theatres remain closed for the public until the end of this year.

Transferring to the online world

The theatres have been devastatingly influenced by the coronavirus measures. They are looking for alternative ways to remain open to the audiences and provide stability for their employees and associates. Some theatres have conquered the virtual space and they also offer the possibility to buy gift vouchers with longer validity.

The theatres work with new services providing streaming. The Theatre on the Balustrade and Minor Theatre use Film naživo. V Dlouhé Theatre, Švandovo Theatre, Pod Palmovkou Theatre, and others also use the Dramox portal. Prague City Theatres will launch their stream “TV” in December. All theatres will also participate in the Theatre Night that takes place online on 21 November.