420PEOPLE company is part of the European project CLASH! that portrays the beauty of the link between classical and contemporary dance at the online festival

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“When classical and modern dance merge, a new form of energy is born”. This is the motto of the international project CLASH! that brings together classical forms of dance and contemporary dance, young dancers and those who are interested from all dance levels with the figures of the contemporary dance world; it also connects the world as such. 

The Czech Republic is represented by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE. You can enjoy the exclusive online CLASH! INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL that will present a wide range of activities from 5 festival partners across Europe on 8-13 December 2020. The festival will premiere dance movies shot by the companies and the accompanying programme with dance workshops and specialized “labs” with interesting guests.

“It was a great honor for us to take part in this international project because it is renowned all around the world. The main idea – to interconnect all dance world and everybody who likes dance and to support dancers in their development – is the essence of what we do, thus we resonated with it,” says Václav Kuneš, the artistic director of 420PEOPLE company, who is an internationally acknowledged choreographer and dancer and people also know him from the TV show StarDance. The contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE has ranked among the best the Czech dance can offer for 12 years. The authors Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná used the Czech dial code in the name and fulfilled the dream of putting together an outstanding contemporary dance company in Prague after they returned from one of the most prestigious world dance companies – Jiří Kylián’s Nederlands Dans Theater.

They have succeeded: this year’s repertoire includes the popular production Panthera that reveals the secret of the birth of humankind, The Watcher with the Please The Trees band, which is both dance and music ecstasy, and the performance Frailty, Thy Name is Woman that brings together excellent actors from the National Theatre and contemporary dance. 420PEOPLE also organize regular creative workshops and opens their MAISELOVKA studio in the center of Prague, where you can attend various motion and dance lessons.

CLASH! INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL will be free of charge!

420PEOPLE organizes a lot of events under the umbrella project CLASH! The company focuses mostly on professionals. It organizes dance seminars for art school students, discussions in specialized “labs” for dancers and choreographers, and seminars and workshops for dancers that last a few days. Many events of the CLASH! projects are designed for the general public. The company deals with the development of dance fans. “We have gained a lot of interesting information thanks to the online survey and a survey among audiences who visit contemporary dance, which will result in a new marketing strategy. It will be presented at the online festival, which will be free of charge for all viewers,” says Václav Kuneš and invites the audiences to the unusual event ​CLASH! INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL. The festival streamed from Prague will take place on 8 December at 6 p.m. The following days will belong to partner countries until 13 December. The programme will see the summary of the outcomes in the audience development and short comments from guests.

December will see the world premiere of the dance movie ORĪGŌ

The peak of this year’s engagement of 420PEOPLE company in the CLASH! project will be the world premiere of the short dance film ORĪGŌ (director and choreographer: Václav Kuneš, camera: Tomáš Vlček, dancers: Simona Machovičová, Francesca Amante, Fanny Barrouquére). The online premiere will take place at the CLASH! INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL​ on​ 8 December 2020. It will also present the outcomes of the project concerning “audience development” and the awareness of the project and contemporary dance.