1 billion CZK to support the culture

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The government has increased the amount of money allocated for COVID – Culture. As of the current coronavirus situation limiting business in culture, another 1 billion CZK will be allocated to the programme. Along with money for the support of business entities in culture and the self-employed in culture allocated previously, the overall sum has reached 1.9 billion CZK. The programmes have been prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) in association with the Ministry of Culture (MC) and the Czech Film Fund.

“I am happy that we have managed to add more disciplines to the call – apart from performing arts and audiovision, the legal entities and individuals in visual arts may apply for the support as well. Now it is not only live culture that has been hit by the pandemic but culture as such,” says Lubomír Zaorálek, the Minister of Culture, and adds: “There will be two calls announced in January: COVID – Culture III and a special call for audiovision.”

The programme COVID – Culture was launched on 11 August 2020. It aims to provide support to performing artists as well as artistic and technical professionals and other entities in the culture who had to cease their activities due to the coronavirus.

One entity is entitled to receive 10 million CZK maximum from the COVID – Culture programme. It is also not possible to exceed the temporary European Union framework for providing direct grants, i.e. 800,000 EUR. The subsidies have been provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Culture.