Puppets in Hospitals to celebrate their 15th birthday by publishing the book May We Come In?

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The Puppets in Hospitals association deals with drama therapy and develops the spectrum of activities in psychosocial care. Fifteen years ago, they started to make the stay in hospitals and medical institutions easier for children and seniors. Puppets can sometimes achieve more than pills – to induce a smile, chase away homesickness, and help forget pain and suffering for a while. Theatre performances, games, and songs are helpful in the healing process and they try to be open to games and communication about reality.

May we come in? This is the question that opens the doors to puppeteers, actors, and musicians and it is also a title of the book the Puppets in Hospitals has published to celebrate its 15th birthday. It is a small book full of touching stories the members of the company have collected on their way to children and the elderly. Puppets in Hospitals send a video greeting from a new performance they prepared for children in hospitals and medical institutions in the Advent and Christmas time (see https://youtu.be/CWb4NmkTnm0). Puppets in Hospitals have also released a music CD Divočiny. If you buy either the new book or the CD, you can be sure that you support the activity that has been needed at this time in particular.

Puppets in Hospitals are the only theatre, which can reach their audience in the time of the coronavirus restrictions thanks to the forthcoming attitude of hospitals, medical institutions, and hospices. The members of the company as well as all the other fellow citizens pay great respect to their intensive duty and they appreciate the honor they can help with their work. Those who are interested may now play some of the fairy tales, songs, or short puppet stories at home on the internet and social networks.

Author: Silvie Marková