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Focus Agency specializing in marketing and PR has ranked the commercial of the National Theatre Brno Ballet among the ten best ones in 2020. The airport-inspired ballet commercial is at the same level as McDonald's (Night Workers), Adobe Photoshop (Fantastic Voyage), or Apple (The whole working-from-home thing).

“There are not many segments that would be struck by the coronavirus like culture. The good news is that one of the most positive commercials was done for the cultural institution, the National Theatre Brno Ballet set at the Brno airport. The three-minute short movie presents plays planned for the 2020/2021 season in the swirl of dance set at the airport. Everything ends with leaving the airport ballet stage back to the stage of the National Theatre Brno (NdB),” says Petr Michl, the editor of the internet magazine Marketing Journal.

You can see the commercial here:

The exceptionally dynamic and well-edited project was not produced by A-ranking advertising agencies, but it was made by the National Theatre Brno. “The initial idea to shoot the commercial at the airport came from our ballet artistic director Mário Radačovský, who is a big plane fan and one of his childhood dreams was to become a pilot. I started to develop this idea with the director, cameraman, and photographer Kuba Jíra, who has been the associate of the National Theatre Brno for many years. There were several meetings, brainstorming, tours at the airport, and then he wrote the script and finished it with all the jokes and storylines,” says Barbora Hniličková, the marketing and PR director of the National Theatre Brno Ballet, adding that the creative team also included her and cameraman Dominik Hungr.

The project featured the whole company of the NdB Ballet, including dancers, ballet masters, stage managers, répétiteurs, and management. “We need everybody due to preparations, casting in the video, or both. The crucial roles were played by the members of the NdB Drama (Tereza Groszmannová, Petr Bláha, Vojtěch Blahuta, Roman Blumaier, Ivan Dejmal a Petr Kubes),“ she said.