Short film Memory We Are 2021: The War and What’s Next?

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It is the third time we have remembered International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Prague with a theatre performance, which premiers on 27 January and takes place in several European cities at the same time. Due to the pandemic, the premiere of the performance will be postponed. However, there is a new short film you can see on Youtube since 7 p.m. on 27 January 2021.

Actors directed by Tamara Pomoriški gather for the next edition of the Memory We Are project and prepared the performance reflecting the memories of WWII and the period after its end. The camera was present from the very beginning and recorded the birth of the theatre performance, including the meeting with the witnesses, which is a strong experience for young people and provides the inspiration for the script. It will present work with young actors when preparing a theatre performance, as well as short excerpts from the performance. The film was directed by documentarist Zdeněk Chaloupka.

The topic of Memory We Are 2021 is a period right after the end of the war. What happened next? How did people with a war experience return to ordinary life? And what about their offspring and trans-generation transfer? The stories were told by the following witnesses: academic painter Helga Hošková-Weissová, journalist and signatory to the Charter 77 Helena Klímová, psychotherapist of the Prague Jewish Community Zuzana Peterová, who works with migrants, psychotherapist Věra Roubalová and Jiří Pitín, who survived the Lidice massacre because he was a seven-week suckling. The director invited other theatre professionals: stage designer and DAMU teacher Tomáš Žižka and choreographer Lea Švejdová from Duncan Centre. Eleven young actors aged 16-21 are now waiting for better conditions to finish the piece and record the performance.

Director: Tamara Pomoriški
Camera: Zdeněk Chaloupka
Editor: Zdeněk Chaloupka, Matěj Pospíšil
Duration: 30 minutes

We work on this project (Memory of Nations Theatre) with the Dutch theatre company Theater Na de Dam. The recording of the performance is possible due to the support of the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, Netherlands Embassy in Prague, International Visegrad Fund, and Foundation Fund for Holocaust Victims. We would like to thank the business and education centre Sněmovní 7 and Radana Wald and Jiří Wald for the venue in Španělská 10.