Artists associated with Cirk La Putyka performed in the shop windows in the center of Prague. They drew attention to closed shops and culture

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How to perform in the streets for the public in the time of coronavirus measures to raise funds? What non-traditional way should we find to draw attention to closed shops, bars, and cafés? Cirk La Putyka company and the initiative #kulturunezastavis brought the Live Shopwindows event. Actors, acrobats, and musicians associated with the contemporary circus company performed in shop windows of selected businesses in the Prague city centre. Passers-by could support the business by take-away or the actors by a voluntary amount.

The members of Cirk La Putyka, whose income depended by 82 % on the revenues from performances, can be supported on the website (

The businesses Harddecore, Hoffa, Čili bar, Autentista, 100class concept store or EMA espresso bar presented Andrej Rády, Erika Stárková, Zbyněk Šporc, Iby Pop, Michal Štulík, Kateřina Jáglová, Helena Nováčková, Martin Kadrnožka, Jakub Slovák, Viktorie Georgiev and Ethan Law. The addresses and maps were available on company’s social networks. The plan is to continue in this project in the upcoming weeks.

“Culture and closed shops, shops and closed culture. There are many of us. We are in a similar situation. But we have decided that we will come together, we will not surrender, although many of us are on the verge of doing that. We want to support each other. We want to show together that we need help,” explains Rosťa Novák, the head of Cirk La Putyka. “It is sad that many of us remain dependent on you, the customers, audience, listeners, and consumers. Come and support us. Buy one latte or a book from an e-shop and one artistic experience."

The event is also a call for artists and all closed businesses. “If you are an artist, actor, singer, dancer, or poet, please support your favorite shop, bar, or restaurant by occupying the shopwindow and offering a piece of your art. If you own the business with a shop window that is trying to survive times like these actively, provide your shop window to the artists,” says Novák.

Cirk La Putyka company is preparing other non-traditional projects, such as local radios for spreading culture, cooperation with schools, or a book launch. Jatka78 also hosts the rehearsals of a new performance called Runners directed by Vít Neznal with the expected premiere in June this year.