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The festival of new theatre Malá inventura is a traditional showcase of the most outstanding projects from the past year. The biggest festival of the new theatre in Prague will take place on 19-27 February 2021 despite the coronavirus measures. However, it must be different, especially in its size. The leitmotif of this year’s nine-day edition is ‘we love offline’, the organizers are planning to have the physical version of Malá inventura this year as well. If the government measures permit it, there will be a limited number of viewers.

“It has been 19 years since the festival started to present the true ‘off’ theatre,” explains Petr Pola, the artistic director of Malá inventura. “We are authorial and independent, daring and experimenting theatre; new theatre that approaches its audiences and inspires them to have new ideas. This year’s edition has acquired a new meaning ‘off’, live theatre for live audiences. We ‘love offline, not only this year!”

“Theatremakers did not loaf around last year. We monitor independent theatres for the whole year and many high-quality theatre projects were produced despite our anticipations,” says Pola. “This year’s festival selection includes nearly forty projects, but not all of them are possible to stage ‘live’. The showcase will focus on the dramaturgy of independent stages, established artists with no venue, and young talented artists based in Prague.”

Malá inventura is not only a showcase of independent projects but also a platform for professionals, makes it possible to share experience and express opinions. This is the reason why the festival will offer an extensive programme for guests who are physically present at the festival and those who will connect online. Many of these events are attractive for the general public and will be available without the registration, such as the stream of the festival opening – the show stylized as PiNKBUS cabaret, new platforms directed by Martin Talaga, who follows the tradition of cabarets and variety shows in Prague and enriches it with the drag queens trend; Life on air – a special festival edition of interviews performed by Ufftenživot; guided tours – visually interesting showcases of theatres in Prague, and others.

More information and the program here