International Choreographic Residency 2021

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Ever since the foundation of the Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA there have been projects focusing on professional development of dancers, choreographers and teachers at the heart of its focus. SE.S.TA provides the artists with various platforms for meeting international tutors, coaches and renowned artists not only from the dance field but also from fields seemingly distant.

Under the guidence of Kathy Casey (CA) and Alice Chauchat (FR/DE)

Develop your project in an intensive residency with the support of experienced art coaches and an international group of other creators. A number of established choreographers have used the unique concept of artistic coaching for more than ten years, get a place in the fourteenth edition! The residency will run according to current possibilities, the concept is prepared to enable work in the studios and international coaches will work with residents through streaming. Applications should be sent by April 15.

The goal of the Residency is to support the artistic work of emerging choreographers and guide them in reflection of their initiated projects. The Residencies are the platform for developing a discourse in contemporary dance, art and life echoing the Czech and international dance and art scene.

The objective of the Residency is not aiming to form professional dancers, nor to direct aesthetic aspect of the expression. Rather it wants to encourage the invention or reinvention of variable modes of choreographic work and to boost the research of unusual ways of expressing artistic intention. The Coaching Residencies have a form of a dialogue between emerging choreographers and hosting coaches who navigate them in their artistic work.

The Residency last ten days and apart from intensive tutoring of the choreographers it includes lectures and everyday feedback sessions, common discussions and mutual presentations of the artistic processes in the frame of open rehearsals and public presentations. Both the public presentations and common discussions offer artists the possibility to confront and share their work with their potential audience.

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  • Morning Studio practice session (opened for public)
  • Work in the studio independetly and with the coaches (4 – 6 hours daily)
  • Moderated peer to peer discussion in the evening (2 hours daily)
  • Chat rooms - informal online discussion pear to pear in a group of residents
  • One-day seminar with lectures and video screenings
  • Two public presentation of the choreographic project

Work with a foreign coach will take the form of streaming, as well as evening debates and a conference day. Work in progress and morning trainings will take place with the participation of the public.

Due to pandemic restrictions, if you are not able to come to Prague, Couching will be parallely online and IRL in Prague.

Send your application form at the latest 15th April 2021.

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