The Film Naživo/Televize naživo project received the Český lev/Czech Lion Award

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Czech Lion has been the main Czech film award since 1993. The award is designed as a crystal sculpture of a lion and consists of several categories. This year’s nominees welcomed the Film Naživo/Televize naživo project as the Exceptional Feat in the Area of Audio-Visual Arts, which also won the sculpture.

Film Naživo is a joint project of Viktor Tauš’s HEAVEN’S GATE, Cirk La Putyka company, and Jatka78 Theatre. It offers an alternative to live culture – theatre performances, concerts, and circus performances in special Naživo formats. This project responded to pandemic restrictions that prevented the organization of cultural events.

One of the first instances was online streams of Amerikánka staged outside the theatre in the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was the basis of the unique film language with one live shot, in which the camera enters actors’ intimate space or focuses on the world around them. This is the origin of the recording of the performance and the new way of an artistic experience. The Film Naživo format brings the viewers outside the theatre stage that provides the contents of the play with a new context, inspires the performance, and develops its topic.

The terrestrial broadcast of Televize NAŽIVO was launched on 20 November 2020. It broadcast 59 premieres (21 live streams) in two months of its existence, with 518 performers and 200 associates.

Producer and film director Viktor Tauš who won the Czech Lion for the best TV series says about the Film Naživo project: “I focus on the development of the potential of Film Naživo and other audiovisual formats linking cinematography and live culture.”

Photo: Jiří Šeda