Podcast “A Green Deal for the Performing Arts”

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The springboard for discussion in the "Green Thursdays" series and for the 4th Show Off podcast episode was the Theatre and Environmental Protection survey, a piece of research carried out in spring 2020 as part of Theatre Night in the Czech Republic, in which the majority of respondents stated that they actively try to minimise the environmental impact of their activities, albeit in a somewhat haphazard way. 

We spoke with guests Michaela Rýgrová, Gwendolenn Sharp, Anna Galas-Kosil and Petr Dlouhý from the Czech Republic, France and Poland about current ecological trends in theatre management or production and cultural mobility, as well as how the topic of sustainability resonates in communication with the public, in artistic programs and the pandemic-induced slowdown, which we are coming to terms with on a daily basis, more or less organically. We progressed from concrete examples, attitudes and measures, through emphasis on their sustainable management and systematic evaluation, to reflecting on artistic and personal practices and the lot of the performing arts in the context of the European Green Deal and the new – pandemic and post-pandemic – normality.

This episode is written and read by: Martina Pecková Černá, Head of International Cooperation Department / PerformCzech, theatrologist and cultural manager.