Discover the Czech contemporary circus scene in 2021!

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April 26 - 30, 2021

indoor / outdoor / site specific / large productions / experimental and more!

Spend the final week of April with Czech contemporary circus!

Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase presents 20 recent projects some of which are still work in progress by Czech artists. The featured shows were selected by a five-member jury from 37 contenders. You will discover young circus artists, graduates of circus academies with their bold experiments as well as large spectacular productions by established artists. Read more about the project...

During the showcase week, registered viewers will be able to go online and watch shows which have already premiered as well as peek into the rehearsal rooms and creative laboratories of the featured circus artists.

Veronika Štefanová will host a live discussion series with all the featured artists who will also be available for live online encounters with the audience.

More information to be found at our website

The Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase is an event for Czech and international organizations, journalists and professionals who present, program or support the performing arts. The event is not open to the general public.

Don't miss the Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase!


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