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Prague is about to see a great event: the Azyl78 tent is going to launch its first season on 25 May. It is a circus tent, which turns into an asylum for many genres, companies, and artists until September. The first season of the summer will start with Kabaret Pot a Lesk/Sweat and Shine Cabaret directed by Rosťa Novák, Jr. Five consecutive evenings will offer a celebration of the art of circus and the fact that artists and audiences can meet live face to face once again. The audiences will see the top-notch acrobatics, dance, and live music performed by Cirk La Putyka and other guests.

Kabaret Pot a Lesk or the asylum for all kinds of arts will be the first performance in the new tent. It will be an introductory ritual and a celebration of a new venue, as well as the return of live culture. “We are turning into nomads again to reach the roots of the circus art. We are all giving reasons why we have missed the stage so much and we are looking for answers. The proof is Azyl78, which is a dream come true for me. The need to share the stage with audiences and what it means for us can be deciphered in what we are going to present at Kabaret Pot a Lesk and the design of the tent by artist Lukáš Musil,” says director Rosťa Novák. The special first opening evening of the summer stage of Jatka78 will be also streamed live on the Film Naživo platform on 25 May.

A circular ring uniting all artists and audiences has a deeper meaning for the head of Cirk La Putyka due to his family history. “The early 20th century saw a big fight among theatres, circuses, opera houses, and cinemas. We are now trying hard to interconnect all of them in the circus space, to become the asylum for culture.”

Artist Lukáš Musíl mentions the return to the roots and the word ritual as well. “I see it as an Indian tent, mainly due to the ritual associated with this image. I interpreted it like that for myself. And, while painting, I was also thinking about what is connected with an older topic of a cave, what a cave means today. Last but not least, I also asked myself what celebrating and festivities mean for us,” said the artist, who painted the tent with his symbols from the outside and lifted the tent aesthetically to become a huge art piece. Apart from the design of the tent, the organizers are concerned about what environment surrounds them. Azyl78 found the asylum at Výstaviště Praha/Prague Exhibition Grounds bordering Stromovka park.

The program also features a premiere of The Man from Malta, a stand-up show by Štěpán Pechar from DEKKADANCERS with songs, drawings, and dances. It is the first time Pechar has tested the format of a performance he has written and directed. The hot new show in the genre of contemporary circus is director Vít Neznal’s Runners Cirku La Putyka/Cirk La Putyka’s Runners. It tells a story about the present when we do not stop even for a little while. To be able to perform it, the actors have undergone special running training. The premiere of the audiovisual dance concert Big Bang! by Tata Bojs and dance company DEKKADANCERS will take place on Tuesday 15 June. Acrobats from Analog will come from Berlin after the two-year-long break, who will rehearse their Opening in Prague, with their performance being tailor-made for Azyl78. The premiere is on 24 June. The audience can look forward to the tribute to Charlie Chaplin in the second half of the holidays. The Prague City Theatres will premiere The Dictator on 14 August.

The creative circle of the Azyl78 circus ring will host Cirk La Putyka, Analog from Berlin, Tata Bojs & DEKKADANCERS, Viktora Tauš’s Amerikánka, Prague City Theatres, Pod Palmovkou Theatre, Theatre on the Balustrade, Minor Theatre, Vosto5, Drama Club, Lenka Vagnerová & Company, Prague Chamber Ballet, PKF – Prague Philharmonia, Goose on the String Theatre, Letí Theatre, Studio Ypsilon, Aneta Langerová and others.