The tenth edition of the contemporary circus festival Fun Fatale promises absurd spectacle

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Audiences in Prague and Jihlava will see an unusually long and mainly Czech chamber celebration on 16-24 May. The tenth edition of the festival will offer Alžběta Tichá’s premiere of Stav, Holektiv’s most recent project Vrány, Ridina Ahmedová’s Sádlo (work-in-progress) or excerpts from Cirkus TeTy’s Narušení and Voyerky.

Ten days full of work by leading Czech acrobats will be accompanied by the masterclass performed by Finnish choreographer Ilona Jäntti, a cabaret with short acts of aerial and ground acrobatics, and performances for children. All events will take place outdoors in compliance with current government measures, many negative tests, and a limited capacity.

“Almost all this year’s productions reflect the current situation. Slowing down, returns, and mental and physical changes. It seems that artists have turned to themselves and it is visible in their work as well. They realize themselves and the influence of outer circumstances on their mental and physical wellbeing and form. Then they try to capture the course of this change in the movement. We can see that in Bětka Tichá’s solo performance that illustrates the change of a woman in time – who she was but not anymore, Ariadna Vendelová’s piece depicts the process as the architecture of woman’s life, as well as Cirkus TeTy’s Voyerky with the topic of womanhood seen through the lens of maternity and its limits. Ridina Ahmed will ask a provocative question right on the stage: Is my fat mine or does it more or less belong to everybody who comments on my body and give me unsolicited advice? She will try to answer it with the help of dance and music in the theatre performance Sádlo/Fat that is inspired by the eponymous podcast series. The end of the first decade of the festival is a true celebration of womanhood with everything associated with it. I think that dramaturgy of this year’s edition could not be more favorable and we are truly sorry that the current situation will not allow appreciating the works of selected artists for a bigger audience,” says Eliška Brtnická, the festival programmer.

Both cities will see the varied Fun Fatale Kabaret, which will take place outdoors for the first time. Kristýna Stránská and Martina Illichová from DaeWomen will present accurate pair acrobatics, Aurora Jaguari will twirl with a hula hoop, Barbora Hora will climb a Chinese pole above audience’s heads, Alžběta Tichá will show acrobatics on a vertical rope and the cabaret will close with the absurd choreography on a hanging chair performed by Pavla Rožníčková and Veronika Smolková.

The new feature of the covid edition is Fut Fatale Minutes. In the middle of the week, the acrobats will run in all directions in the streets and parks of Jihlava and other places to make the walk in the town more pleasant for random passers-by. Everything will be at safe distance, respecting governmental measures.

You can meet selected acrobats at various places in the town all week. They will focus on objects in the public space of Jihlava they will explore with the movement under the supervision of Ilona Jäntti. Their findings will be transformed into a unique site-specific performance that will be staged at the end of the festival.

Fun Fatale 2021 is organized by Cirkus Mlejn is association with KD Mlejn and Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Jihlava – DIOD Theatre. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Authority, Prague 13 District, and the Statutory City of Jihlava.

Detailed program of the festival, including information about tickets, on or Facebook site of Fun Fatale.