Mum Who I Would Support – Pod Palmovkou Theatre in association with Nora Fridrichová support single mothers

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Mother’s Day was the opportunity to launch a new project Mum Who I Would Support at the Pod Palmovkou Theatre on 9 May. The patron of the project is Pod Palmovkou actress Tereza Dočkalová. Under the auspices of Nora Fridrichová, single mothers who cannot allow the luxury of seeing a performance but undoubtedly deserve it will be supported by a voucher.

Culture has been closed for a very long time and each of us is trying to figure out where to go when the social situation is more relaxed. Sadly enough, one of the groups that cannot afford to go to a cultural event even after the measures are lifted is single mothers. Supporting the project is very easy. You will buy a special voucher for two tickets (so that the mother does not go to the theatre alone) and we - through Nora Fridrichová and her charity project Šatník - will make sure the voucher will go to a single parent who deserves it and will be happy about it. For many people, theatre is one of the common things that remains an unrealized dream for single mothers. You can buy the vouchers here.

Apart from the project Mum Who I Would Support, the theatre is planning a new project of a Summer School of Acting and summer performances at the Pod Palmovkou Theatre and Azyl78, where the theatre will stage Pecky z Palmovky. Detailed information about all events is on

Markéta Hanušová