The award for the dance film Delimitation

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The recently finished Dance Film Festival Prague saw the victory of Tereza Vejvodová’s Delimitation: the film got the Best Dance Film Award and Audience Award. 

The international jury with Alla Kovgan, choreographer, dancer and member of Sasha Waltz & Guests company Jiří Bartovanec a Jana Návratová, the artistic director of the festival appreciated the sensitivity and inherent application of dance in the film narrative. “We did not discuss the reason why people dance in the movie. The context of the story is often in conflict with the dance moves, but it does not apply to Delimitation,” says All Kovgan.

The main award of the festival is a crystal ball and the amount of 300 EUR.

The audiences appreciated the movie with the most points as well. The second place went to the Czech film Through Glass by Marek Partyš and Sylva Šafková.

The jury awarded three special mentions to Tomáš Hubáček and Marie Gourdain’s Fibonacci, Redha Medjellekh and Brice Larrieu AKA Skorpion Dancer’s Am I Paris, and Michael Fetter Nathansky and Christiane “La Mona’s” Salidas.

This year’s competition saw 1,519 films from all around the world, including the Czech Republic. There were 31 shortlisted films, including 5 Czech ones. We can see that Czech dance film has great quality and the audiences could see in at the intro evening with the premieres of four movies that were shot during the pandemic: Tereza Vejvodová and Cécile Da Costa’s Roselyne, Tomáš Polák and Lenka Vagnerová’s Dark Horse, Jana Burkiewiczová and Michaela Karásková’s Short Talk on Uncertainty, and a movie that was shot instead of the Farm in the Cave’s theatre projects called Ephemeras, directed by Viliam Dočolomanský and Jiří Matoušek.

You can watch the trailer for the winner here.