Invitation to the Jiří Nachlinger’s Puppet Gallery in Kuks

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After last year’s gala opening of Jiří Nachlinger’s Puppet Gallery and its trial run, we can enjoy the full-fledged operation this year. The Puppet Gallery has added new puppets of dwarves and characters from the New Wood and prepared Theatrum Mundi Kuks or Braun’s sculpture becoming a puppet, the interactive audiovisual project whose authors are Veronika Poldauf Riedelbauchová, Jan Čtvrtník, and Jiří Nachlinger.

Summer season 2021 in the Puppet Gallery

The Puppet Gallery could not end up with a mere presentation of exhibits, so it provides puppet performances for all generations in the holiday time to fulfill the vision and name of the Comoedien-Haus. Starting on 26 June 2021, the gate of the unique theatre space of the former barn is open to viewers of all ages every Saturday at 3 p.m.

Theatrum Mundi Kuks – baroque sculpture as a puppet

You can have a theatre-like experience during the Gallery tour. Its extraordinary design is a unique audiovisual project, which mediates the atmosphere of genius loci and a special sculpture decoration of the Kuks baroque spa in its golden days.

The audiovisual project follows Jiří Nachlinger’s puppet exhibition called Braun’s sculpture as a puppet, which opened in the Puppet Gallery Kuks last year. This project employs specific technologies of binaural sound recording that reminds us of a 3D effect. Sound is recorded spatially through a special microphone, which looks like a human head, perfectly simulating reality.

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Author: Matěj Kubina (editorially shortened)