Thalia Awards without stage performances acknowledgment due to closed theatres

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After the interruption last year, the Thalia Awards will be announced on 9 October on the stage of the National Theatre historical building. Regarding closed theatres in the theatre season 2020/2021, the Thalia Awards will not be awarded for outstanding stage performances.

The works that premiered this season will be moved to the following evaluation period of 2021/2022 with awards for lifelong achievement in theatre in drama, opera, ballet, musical, alternative and puppet theatre, and other awards.

Award organizers announced the first three laureates in June. Jan Kačer will receive the award for the lifelong achievement. The award for the young artist until 33 years of age in drama will go to Denisa Barešová, and the Thalia Award for spreading the art of theatre in TV will go to dramaturg Jaroslav Someš.

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