Czech Statistical Office: Culture employed more than 200 thousand people

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The last pre-covid year saw 209 thousand people working in culture in the Czech Republic, 80 thousand of which were entrepreneurs. Culture participated in the overall employment by 4 % and the average salary was 3.7% lower than in the general economy.

In 2019, there were 129 thousand people with culture-related or creative jobs. Cultural organizations employed about 80 thousand people who had other jobs. Out of 209 thousand people, 103 thousand people were employed full-time, and 25 thousand people were employed part-time or had a contract. The remaining 80 thousand people were entrepreneurs in culture and nearly 1,000 people were family members-assistants.

The average salary in culture was CZK 32.8 thousand in the last pre-covid year and, compared with the average salary in the economy, which was CZK 34.1 thousand, was 3.7 % lower.

The field of culture includes traditional artistic jobs, such as musicians and creative jobs – designers and architects. The statistics also include workers in cultural organizations, who do not have culture-related or creative jobs, such as accountants in theatres.

Further information about the economic aspects of culture (in Czech) can be found in the current publication called Outcomes of the Culture Bill, published by the Czech Statistical Office in association with the National Information and Consulting Center for Culture. See