Dance Art Center in Prague

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The premises of the former Braník Brewery hosted the grand opening of the Dance Art Center in Prague. The building on the heritage list from the late 19th century was carefully revitalized and reconstructed for this purpose and offers high-quality facilities for dance education and continuous activities of professional independent companies. The new complex with the unique genius loci will significantly contribute to the development and prestige of dance and dance theatre in the Czech Republic.

The Dance Art Center in Prague will house the following institutions starting from season 2021/2022: Dance Center Prague, conservatory- grammar school, art companies: Prague Chamber Ballet, Ballet Prague Junior, Baby Ballet Prague, agencies and foundations: International Dance Center, Dance and Theatre Foundation and the new endowment fund and Pavel Šmok Institute. Terpsichore, the conservatory prep school, and the community center for the inhabitants and their children are a must.

“We have been intensively looking for suitable spaces in public infrastructure to no avail and we eventually turned to the owner of Pivovar Braník a.s. The quickly performed reconstruction was demanding – specific requests came from preservationists, hygienists, firefighters, building authority, as well as dance institutions.,” says Antonín Schneider, the manager of the conservatory – grammar school Dance Center Prague. “The Dance Art Center will offer the unique concentration of artistic, education, and professional potential – it will eventually be a respectable place for our work.”