The 9th Theatre Night in the Czech Republic with the topic “Fresh Air: Sometimes you just have to take a breather.”

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Theatre Night is set to take place on 20 November with the underlying theme “Fresh Air” “Sometimes you just have to take a breather.” The program has been prepared by over 80 theatre companies, theatres, and institutions from 30 Czech municipalities. The biggest theatre holiday will offer tours, theatre workshops, discussions with creators, productions, and performances for free or for a nominal entrance fee.

The Theatre Night is part of the international project European Theatre Night, which started in Croatia in 2008 by Noc Kazališta. The idea of a shared theatre holiday has spread among more than ten European countries. Over 50 thousand people in the Czech Republic find their way to the theatre every third Saturday in November. The Czech Theatre Night is thus the biggest project of the European Theatre Night.

The book "Theatre Day and Night​: A Look Back at Seven Years of Theatre Night in the Czech Republic" published by the Arts and Theatre Institute, the coordinator of the event, has just been released. The publication offers Czech and international readers a look back at seven years of Theatre Night in the Czech Republic, coordinated by the Arts and Theatre Institute as part of the European Theatre Night since 2013.

You’ll discover information about the most active theatres and their audiences, a rich selection of photos, and other useful information about the Czech performing arts scene. The book can be purchased in the PROSPERO e-shop: