Cirkus Cirkör to have an affair with Letní Letná again. Swedish acrobats will adapt the hit Knitting Peace for the festival in 2022

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One of the most popular and successful shows of Cirkus Cirkör will return to Letní Letná after nine years. Swedish acrobats will make the audience happy on the Letenská plain in 2022 with their performance Knitting Peace – an original and topical peace message. Moreover, the show will undergo a special adaptation for Letní Letná. Cirkus Cirkör is the first announced international star of the 19th edition that takes place on 11-31 August 2022. The festival has begun to reveal the enticing program that will convince us next summer that it keeps up with what is going on in contemporary circus nowadays.

This is the fourth time Cirkus Cirkör has accepted the invitation to Letní Letná. The festival-goers have not missed any of the performances of the Swedish ensemble. It won the fans ten years ago with the performance of Wear It Like a Crown. The following year saw the Scandinavian acrobats as part of the co-production project named Cabaret Lacrimae, which also included the French company Cahin Caha and Cirk La Putyka from the Czech Republic. All of them performed excerpts from their works-in-progress.

Cirkus Cirkör won the audience over by stunts, in which they skillfully used nets. One summer later, in 2013, the company was back with the feature performance Knitting Peace. The performances were sold out. The circus will bring the remake to Prague in 2022 on their world tour. “The artistic director Tilde Björfors will update the show for Letní Letná only,“ says Jiří Turek, the director of Letní Letná.

The successful show features unbelievably skillful acrobats weaving their way through complicatedly woven networks of ropes, yarns, threads, and wires. The circus was inspired by the desire to artistically depict what seems to be impossible. The physical performance merged with the idea that seems to be impossible to realize – the desire for unity and peace. The audiences around the world have accepted the knitting challenge and they send knitted “contributions” to the company as their expression of peace support.

“In the Knitting Peace, Cirkus Cirkör wants to show that what unites us is much stronger than what separates us. Peace can truly start with one person but we can change the world only by working together,” says Ivana Pěkná Vrbíková, the festival manager, about the message.

The revelation of the first big name of the 19th Letní Letná festival is associated with the ticket pre-sale for 2022. The preparations are in a full swing already. Letní Letná puts together a program full of Czech and international stars to make visitors happy with the best contemporary circus and theatre on 11-31 August 2021.

The international festival of contemporary circus and theatre Letní Letná concentrates on the best of Czech and international contemporary circus, theatre, and music in nearly three weeks. It is the only showcase of its kind and range in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The festival-goers can expect evening performances and an extensive theatre program for children as we as an accompanying program that is mostly free of charge and runs all day. It features workshops, art and circus workshops, concerts, and open-air events. Children can participate in camps and parents can take advantage of babysitting during the performances. The festival area located in the Letná Park since its establishment, a place with a view of Prague, features several relax zones, food stands, and bars. Visitors can spend there the whole day. The space is also adapted for the disabled. The festival has boasted with EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe since 2015.