TěloCIRK: Innovation in physical education teaching using the elements of circus pedagogy

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Four schools in Prague have taken part in the pilot project of TěloCIRK organized by CIRQUEON – The Center for Contemporary Circus, whose goal is to introduce physical education teachers to the principles of circus pedagogy and integrate them into school education. In a time when children’s negative attitude towards movement is a frequently discussed topic, CIRQUEON invited professional circus teachers to present the innovative solution. The implementation of circus activities in PE lessons aims to improve children’s motion skills and their interest, which is illustrated in the study performed by the University of Manitoba in 2015. The outputs in Czech schools will be evaluated in the concurrent survey.

Circus pedagogy for PE teachers at middle and high schools or TěloCIRK is an innovative project CIRQUEON introduces in the times when motion becomes a marginal part in many children’s and teenagers’ lives and its lack leads to a series of negative impacts on the quality of life and health. As PE is the flagship of motion skills, the project aims to provide schools with other tools that could bring a new way of engaging and enjoying movement.

Circus pedagogy has achieved remarkable success in the field of building a positive relationship between children and motion, regardless of the motion skills or experience of those involved. In the work with students, circus pedagogy uses specific qualities and tools to positively influence not only the physical but also the mental and emotional part of ourselves.


CIRQUEON – Centre for Contemporary Circus has been part of circus pedagogy for more than 10 years and the training facilities in Nusle, Prague are visited by over 500 course participants a week. Cirqueon has been recently involved in the advocacy of circus pedagogy. The Czech-Slovak network of young and social circus Cirkonet organizes meetings and trainings of professionals and is a good practice leader in the Czech Republic. It cooperates with the University of Tampere in Finland and other international circus centers and universities on the first European curriculum for the bachelor’s degree program of circus pedagogy.

You can see the project trailer here.