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The European platform for young choreographers Aerowaves has selected two pieces from the Czech Republic out of 20 most important works: Treatment of Remembering by POCKETART company (authors Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková and Inga Zotov-Mikshina and Call Alice by Tereza Ondrová from Temporary Collective. The Czech scene has proven once again that it can be successful in strong international competition.

“Czech artists have been very successful recently, POCKETART succeeded with the Lion’s Den last year but the lockdown did not allow the planned performances for other selected works. This is why I am happy about the success of their new show and the fact that the Czech Republic has two successful representatives,” says Yvona Kreuzmannová, the director of Tanec Praha, who was one of the founders of Aerowaves 25 years ago.

Twenty22, the 20 most interesting shows for 2022, includes two Czech works: Treatment of Remembering by POCKETART has three authors – Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, and Inga Zotov-Mikshina. The ecological topic excels in the interplay of composition, dance performances, light design, music, and stage design.

Call Alice by Temporary Collective with Tereza Ondrová’s choreography and interpretation touches upon many topics, such as female mentality and its changes, loneliness, and vulnerability and responds to the covid times that hindered the close cooperation with her Italian colleague Francesca Foscarini. It is a testimony of our times.

Aerowaves assessed 574 works from 35 European countries. The Czech Republic registered 12 pieces. The Aerowaves platform was founded 25 years ago in The Place theatre in London. Experts from various countries meet in different cities every year at the end of October. They watch dozens of short videos (15-40 min.) by emerging artists: those who are at the beginning of their international career.

The mission of the Aerowaves platform is to discover talents in the international context. It is a chance for them to enter the international scene, which has been facilitated by the Spring Forward festival that has been organized in different European cities for 10 years (Tanec Praha organized it in Pilsen in 2016). Aerowaves experts choose twenty works out of hundreds of videos that have the potential to draw international attention. They are promoted on the website, staged by Aerowaves partners supported by the Creative Europe programme, and can be performed live at the Spring Forward festival with 200 presenters and journalists from all around the world. However, this was not possible in 2020 and 2021, thus we keep our fingers crossed to see Spring Forward in Eleusis in April/May 2022.

Source: Tanec Praha