Breakfast with Leviathan: An anthology of Roman Sikora’s political plays, has been published in German translation

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The German publisher Neofelis Verlag has recently issued an anthology of seven theatre plays written by the Czech playwright Roman Sikora. The publication was prepared and translated into German by Barbora Schnelle, who also authored the foreword for the book. Früshtuck mit Leviathan became the third volume of Drama Panorama, a series focused on current theatre production.

In his works, Roman Sikora criticizes capitalism while also analyzing power structures in a market-economy oriented society, where exploitation and self-seeking pursuit of enrichment undermine even the most intimate aspects of human relationships. Sikora’s plays are bitter, sarcastic comedies with an acute sense of the absurdities present in today’s society. The anthology consists of these seven titles: Zámek na Loiře (The Château of the Loire Valley, 2017), Tři dny (Three Days, 2014), Smrt talentovaného vepře (The Death of a Talented Pig, 2008), Na cestě k vítězství (In Pursuit of Victory, 2016), Smetení Antigony (The Detritus of Antigone, 1997), Snídaně s Leviathanem (Breakfast with Leviathan, 2012) and Pražské Jezulátko (The Infant Jesus of Prague, 2013).