Ukrainian students and artists work in Czechia

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The Russian aggression in Ukraine has forced millions of people to leave the country. At least 300,000 of them have arrived in the Czech Republic until mid-April, artists, and art school students among them. Solidarity for Ukraine the Czechs have demonstrated also includes the effort to integrate the refugees jobwise and provide continuity in the education of children and the youth. It applies to the arts as well.

The Dance Center Prague, conservatory and grammar school, for instance, has prepared a new scholarship program that features the transport from the borders to Prague, accommodation at the conservatory dorms and in the homes of the students’ parents. The training and education plan taking into account the age and level of education has been prepared for the children of the refugees, including materials such as textbooks, aids and lunches in the school canteen. The scholarship covers 100 % of the costs. “We have welcomed fifteen students already. The first two weeks feature an adaptation language program and are divided into groups according to age and previous education. We have hired two Ukrainian dance teachers to facilitate students’ adaptation. The students will later participate in theoretical education as well, or we will create other groups,” says Jan Schneider, the director of the conservatory.

Students of the circus school in Kyiv have found asylum at Jatka78

The popular Czech contemporary circus company La Putyka contacted the circus school in Kyiv on social networks at the beginning of the Russian aggression and offered their help. Over thirty students and teachers have come to Prague so far. The first ones who arrived were students 15-17 years of age without their parents. Their stories and bravery are truly extraordinary. Cirk La Putyka has focused its production capacity on the care of young Ukrainian talents, prepared a training and education program, and provided accommodation and other living and social needs.

“The world has stopped for us as well and we began to think about how we can help. The result is that there are twenty students from Kyiv staying with us. They live with us, train with us, we take care of them and share the experience. Our exploration of the young generation has gained a brand new perspective”, explains Rosťa Novák Jr., the head of the company.

Along with the Czech junior circus artists engaged in La Putyka’s long-term project Young Blood, they rehearsed the BOOM vol. 1 directed by Rostislav Novák Jr. The proceeds from the evening were allocated to cover the costs linked to the stay of Ukrainian students in Prague. Rosťa Novák communicates about the support of the Ukrainians from the circus academy in Kyiv with international circus associations and tries to get support for them.

Olomouc has helped the Kyiv Ballet

After Ukraine was attacked by Russia, the Kyiv City Ballet asked for material and financial support on Facebook. The company was on a tour in France at the time when the conflict started. The dancers’ families and their friends, as well as one part of the company, which had not gone on the tour, stayed in Ukraine. The representatives of the Dance Career Endowment Fund started to communicate with Ekaterina Kozlova, the company manager, via social networks and offered to arrange help. It was only shortly after they managed to negotiate a base in Olomouc and cooperation with the Moravian Theatre. The gala evening took place soon after the arrival of the dancers and saw the joint efforts of Kyiv dancers and soloists from Czech and Moravian ballet companies.