Continuo Theatre presented the new project AGORA and celebrates 30 years since its foundation

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On 28 July – 7 August 2022, Continuo Theatre presented its new production AGORA at the premises of the abandoned railway yard at the station in České Budějovice. It is the 26th site-specific summer project the company had worked on since 4 July.

Continuo Theatre also celebrates 30 years since its foundation. This is the opportunity for the company to prepare several events and projects in 2022. One of them is the 30 Years of Continuo Theatre festival in Prague, which is going to take place on 19-24 September 2022.


The site-specific project AGORA was a way for Continuo Theatre to go back to the historical and political line in the dramaturgic concept. This year’s project focused on current forms of social and political phenomena in society. Having worked with political researchers, philosophers, anthropologists, journalists, and other researchers, they elaborated on a few phenomena of society today as part of the research for the project and transformed them into the theatrical, philosophical and political agora, inspired by the ancient places where public discussions took place.

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30 years of Continuo Theatre

In association with Archa Theatre, X10 Theatre, and PONEC – theatre for dance and the contribution of other institutions, Continuo Theatre is preparing a festival that is going to take place on 19-24 September 2022 in Prague. The festival will host productions from the Continuo repertoire, such as Please Leave a Message, Noon, Hic Sunt Dracones, and MONSTRUM and here I am blind. The theatremakers invited outstanding figures of international theatre, who have played important roles in shaping the basic creative principles of the company at the beginning. The invitation has been accepted by Roberta Carreri, the Odin Theatre actress based in Holstebro, Denmark, and Lezsek Madzik, the director and art director of Scena Plasticzna KUL based in Lublin, Poland. Each guest will have a cameo appearance in one of the productions.

The festival will also feature a photo exhibition that documents the theatre’s production from the beginning up to the present. We are preparing an exhibition about ten Czech photographers in cooperation with curator Denisa Šťastná. There will also be workshops, concerts, and a conference. The conference aims to remember the phenomenon of Czech alternative theatre in the period after the Velvet Revolution and the companies, which emerged in this wave and have influenced theatre until nowadays. The festival will also host the launch of Theatre and Freedom, the book made in association with the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Photo from performance Agora, author: Michal Hančovský

Divadlo Continuo

Continuo Theatre is an international independent theatre group led by Pavel Štourač, its director and artistic coordinator. Since 1995, the company has been based in south Bohemia in a former farmstead called The Plum Yard, where the company works and lives permanently. Continuo Theatre is a group that defines theatre as a process, need, and way of living. Although it is commonly described as visual or physical theatre, it is virtually impossible to find the right genre. The theatre merges physical action with puppet theatre, live music, and distinct visual stylization. As far as acting is concerned, Continuo Theatre is distinguished by the search for authentic and individual expressions, which altogether creates the unmistakable poetics of the productions.


Photo: Divadlo Continuo