Influenced by the works of Václav Havel, especially his play Audience and its legendary film adaptation, in which the role of the brewer was played by Landovský with his ability to drink nine pints of beer while in character. Will the performers outdo the legend? Will they reach a state on the edge, recalling Havel's motif of alienation and Hrabal's poetics of loneliness? Aside from the two actors, major roles are played by oversized heads authored by sculptor Paulina Skavova, and by Sivan Eldar's music composed specifically for this performance.

About the company

Spitfire Company is currently one of the most progressive ensembles of author physical and dance theatre in the Czech Republic. The works that are characteristic for the ensemble include features such as: emphasis of physical acting on the stage, experimenting with new theatrical features, existential imbalance of figures, the trend of connecting different genres and finding new visual stimuli.


Spitfire Company - Antiwords / influenced by Audience of Václav Havel from Spitfire Company on Vimeo.

Theatre / company

Spitfire Company

Czech title



Petr Boháč, Miřenka Čechová


Petr Boháč

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




Tereza Havlíčková