Silent Tarzan

Silent Tarzan (Stolen Diaries of a Phantom of Erotic Photos)

A loner, outsider, madman or a genius? or Silent photographer from Kyjov
A drinker or, perhaps better said, alcoholic, obsessed with women, a greasy-haired destitute thug ... dressed meagrely ... with a ridiculous camera made from a roll of toilet paper ...A stalker, who in the summer had crept along the fences of swimming pools and photographed young women in bikinis, sunbathing women and the rural beauty of their surroundings ... The photographer Miroslav Tichý, considered by his neighbours to be a weirdo and a pervert, is today considered to be one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. His photographs are exhibited at prestigious shows, and each picture costs up to 360,000 crowns. His life and marvellous work raises a number of questions. It is this radical Moravian outsider a madman and a capturer of the truth? Or is he just a reprehensible voyeur, whose products are only worth flushing down the toilet?

About the company

The work of the Husa na provázku ('Goose on a String') association, was launched in the autumn of 1967 as an amateur group of professional theatre artists, art school students and young artists from other professions. The core group consisted of theatre students from the Janáček Academy and also students of acting, young writers, philosophers, composers and musicians from the same year group. The preface of the book of six librettos by Jiří Mahen was adopted as its symbolic artistic basis, and it was from this that the association got its name. In 1968, the Dům umění (House of Art) in Brno, specifically its director the poet Adolf Kroupa, took the emerging group under its wing. The theatre has a rich history.



Theatre / company

Goose on a String / Husa na provázku

Czech title

Tichý Tarzan (zcizené deníky fantoma erotické fotografie)


Simona Petrů, Petr Jan Kryštof


Anna Petrželková

Length of the performance

95 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons







Alfréd Radok Award 2012 for the best actress


Soňa Kalužová