Bohemia Lies by the Sea

Close your eyes.
Can you hear how it is murmuring?
Breathe the nice smell in.
Bohemia lies by the sea

Let’s do it again – close your eyes and imagine the following: like one million years ago, Bohemia is once again under water. The long-standing dream of contemporary Czech landsmen, to have a sea, has finally come true. Water – sea water, in particular – brings a lot of stories... Sunken ships full of treasures, big scary teeth of predatory fish, an astonishing sea storm or just a bottle with castaway’s pleading message... Apart from stories, the huge and deep sea brings mood, feelings, atmosphere or poetry, if you like.

And it is poetry by Radek Malý, one of the most acknowledged Czech poets for children, which is the basis of Michaela Homolová’s production. Homolová has staged a number of performances for children in the Naive Theatre Liberec (Budulínek, About the Lamb that Fell from the Sky and others).

About the company

The Naive Theatre Liberec belongs to top Czech puppet theatres, represented by quality dramaturgy, an artistically mature group of actors and an interesting board of guest directors who continuously search for new performance techniques. Young artists are also given an opportunity to make their first creative experiments. New productions are created with or without puppets and with the use of masks or brand costumes. The Naive Theatre Liberec performs at international festivals all over the world and also organizes the Mateřinka international festival, focusing on puppet performances for pre-school age children.

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Theatre / company

The Naive Theatre Liberec / Naivní divadlo Liberec

Czech title

Čechy leží u moře


Radek Malý - Vít Peřina, Michaela Homolová a kol.


Michaela Homolová, Barbora Jakůbková

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier , Czech




Stanislav Doubrava