The Eighth Day

The inspiration for the new puppet performance of Continuo Theatre „Eighth  Day“  became the oldest written mention of human history - fragments of myths from the area of ancient Near East, the Sumerian texts, Akkadian, Hittite or Israelis referring not only to the origins of human civilization, but also the eternal foundation, which constitute the essence of the human race, companies and individuals, regardless of time, cultural differences and historical background.

Dramatization and reflow of original mythological motifs created production combining elements of physical acting and puppet theater and live music.

It is a story about the ambiguity of human existence. The human desire for immortality and overcome the earthly destiny on the one hand, on the other hand its permanent inclination to meanness, philistinism, envy, fear, and anger.

About the company

Continuo Theatre is an International professional theatre group led by director and artistic coordinator Pavel Štourač. The founding members of the group began to work together in 1990 at Theatre Academy for the Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Later they gained professional status and took the name Continuo Theatre. Since 1995 they have worked out of the village of Malovice in a former farmstead that carries the name The Plum Courtyard.

During its more then twenty years of existence, Divadlo Continuo has created great number of productions, in which one can follow their course of development from their beginnings in puppetry to the inspiration of circus arts and finally on to poetics that theatre critics call “the new Central European dreamy imagery.”

Theatre / company

Continuo Theatre / Divadlo Continuo

Czech title

Den osmý


Continuo team


Pavel Štourač

Length of the performance

70 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Children , Adult


Skupova Plzen (Czech Republic, 2014) - Pavel Stourac, artistic director was awarded by the price of festival jury for the combination of physical action, puppets and voice


Martina Mohlová