Cross-country Odyssey

This trip is a race whose true reward is experience. In this respect, these men are the best competitors – real champions. They are even better than they think. Two cross-country skiers off the map, side-by-side in a single ski run, undergo a cross-country odyssey – a wandering journey with an obscure course and an unclear ending. Grab your ski poles, wax your moustache, take an encouraging shot of tea and let’s go! Cross-country Odyssey draws upon The Trick Brothers’ extensive experience with street theatre and makes full use of their strengths: self-irony, juggling, object manipulation, moderate acrobatics and gentle humour. As the popular German proverb says: “Langläufer leben länger” – “Cross-country skiers live longer.” Laughter and humour are also said to prolong life, so come discover the elixir of immortality with this performance!

About the company

The Trick Brothers is a unique group from Prague, which began as a duo in 2009. They specialize in linking technically exacting juggling with movement and expression to create modern shows. These are constructed so that the audience enjoys not only their precise juggling, but also the theatricality of the performances. The Trick Brothers’ shows are leading examples of Czech contemporary circus art and have been seen by thousands of people in the Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Bahrain and elsewhere.



Theatre / company

The Trick Brothers / Bratři v tricku

Czech title

Běžkařská odysea


The Trick Brothers


The Trick Brothers, Supervision: Tomsa Legierski


Adam Jarchovsky, Vaclav Jelinek

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


In season 2012/2013 the show Riverside was nominated for the Prize Theatre newspaper in Alternative theatre and Dance and ballet. In August 2015, show Riverside received the Audience Award performance in the context of the 26th International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Maribor, Slovenia.


Michaela Holbikova