In the Blueberry Bushes

Love can move mountains, but what does passion do to people? If you don't want to lose your heart, get out of the kitchen! A saucy comedy full of forest fruit and lovesick animals, inspired by the play La Mirtilla (1588), the first surviving pastoral written by famous actress and writer Isabella Andreini. In the Blueberry Bushes is the third part of the dramaturgic cycle Opus Andreini.

About the Company

Geisslers Hofcomeoedianten originated in 2002 in Kuks, on the occasion of the founding of the THEATRUM KUKS festival of baroque art. Since then, they have created thirty full-length and shorter productions, won accolades from audiences and critics alike, visited a number of festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad (including a month’s tour in the USA) and founded the touring Festival of Castle and Monastery Theatres. Since November 2014, their Prague home stage has been the island theatre VILA Štvanice.


The Vila Štvanice cultural space is found on one of Prague’s islands. It is home to three resident companies with distinct dramaturgies: Tiger v tísni, with an emphasis on authorial and immersive theatre; Geisslers Hofcomoedianten, with a taste for comic, secular opera; and Divadlo Letí, which is concerned with contemporary themes.

Theatre / company

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten

Czech title

V borůvčí


Isabella Andreini, Geisslers


Petr Hašek


Martin Talaga


David Hlaváč, Petr Šmíd


Eva Burešová, Claudia Eftimiadisová, Aleš Pospíšil, Petr Šmíd, Bartoloměj Veselý


Helena Kebrtová

Stage design

Jitka Nejedlá

Costume design

Jitka Nejedlá

Length of the performance

67 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Czech , No language barrier


Eliška Seveldová