Batacchio is bound to charm you with the ambience of ancient shows, loaded with magic tricks, breathtaking acrobatics and humour. Please welcome on stage seven acrobats and actors in an original fusion of contemporary circus and disciplines only rarely seen on stage these days.

About the company

Cirk La Putyka is an ensemble dedicated professionally to the contemporary Circus. We are trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert and sport. We are striving to create our own specific theatre poetics and find a perspective on the genre as a whole. For Cirk La Putyka, the theme, the story and the message are as important as the professional approach to both - individual theatre genres and circus disciplines.


Comprised of a multifunctional theatre, a small stage, a training hall, rehearsal space, gallery, bar and bistro, Jatka78 has it all, offering ideal conditions for contemporary circus, dance, nonverbal, alternative and puppet theatre. Jatka78 is home to resident companies Cirk La Putyka, 11:55 (zapětdvánáct) and 420PEOPLE. It is a space open to Czech and international groups and perfectly equipped for creative residencies, performances, workshops, conferences, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and happenings.

Theatre / company

Cirk La Putyka


Maksim Komaro


Ilona Jäntti


Jan Balcar


Anna Schmidtmajerová, Jiří Weissmann, Šárka Fülep Bočková, Vojtěch Fülep, Daniel Komarov, Alexandr Volný, Michal Boltnar

Stage design

Hynek Dřzíhal

Costume design

Kristina Záveská

Lighting design

Jan Mlčoch

Sound design

Jan Středa

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


David Ostružár

+420 774 806 154