Look, The World!

Water. Fire, Earth. Air. Plants. Animals. Human beings. But what is the connection? To find our feet in the world around us is not easy for adults, let alone kids! What happens when the rain falls from a cloud? How do plants grow together? What is the relationship between a stork, a frog and a chameleon? Three mime artists will try to explain these and many other extraordinary things in a playful, physical and wordless way.

About the company

The Minor Theatre has been primarily associated with puppet and children’s theatre for years. Since 2001, many important changes have taken place, including the acquisition of a new modern building in Vodičkova Street. The prestigious Building of the Year Award (2002) and a City of Prague Mayor’s Prize for the creation of a unique space for children’s art activities followed. Today, the theatre attracts the whole family, performing not only for children, but for grown-up audiences too.


The Minor Theatre mainly has been linked for years with a puppet and children stage. Since 2001 many of important changes took a place connected especially with the acquisition of a new modern building in Vodickova Street. A prestigious award The Building of the Year 2002 and a City of Prague Mayor’s Prize (in creation of a unique space for children’s art activities) was subsequently obtained.

At the present, the theatre attempts to perform not only for the children but also attract the grown-up audience and thus the whole family.

Theatre / company


Czech title

Koukej, svět!


Radim Vizváry


Matěj Kroupa


Valéria Daňhová, Jakub Urban, Radim Vizváry


Petra Zichová

Stage design

Lucie Škandíková

Costume design

Lucie Škandíková

Lighting design

Lucie Škandíková

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Kateřina Hakenová