Author: Zsolt Sőrés

SOUNDSCAPE is a performative and improvisational sound composition, creating an overall atmosphere for a complete performative installation. With the use of unstable acoustic systems and continuous sound layers, Zsolt Sőrés confronts the listener with an evolving sense of time and duration that transcends questions of music to focus on the idea of shape, and the potential of sound representation as stream of consciousness.

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Through the chemistry of sound he seems to have divined the most subtle vibrations that science is reveiling, and his inspiration has carried him to heights which were hitherto uknown in Music. By uniting the seven notes of the Occidental scale with the five notes of the Oriental scale he has formed an Absolute Harmony the effect of which is to rise every conception from its hemispheric to a spheric value.
Kuen Lun: The Book of Life of Nikolai Obukhov

Zsolt Sőrés is an improvisational, electroacoustic, experimental noise musician and composer, sound artist, sound ecologist and curator.  Current projects:  collaboration with the krautrock band Faust (w/ Jean-Hervé Péron Art-Errorist, Werner “Zappi” Diermaier); Inconsolable Ghost (w/ Hilary Jeffery, Gideon Kiers and others); duo with Alan (Anla) Couris (ex-Reynols); I Belong to the Band (w/ Adam Bohman, Oli Mayne, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg); trio with Christian Kobi and Richard Scott; Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Sonic Mountain (w/ Christian Kobi, Klaus Filip, Franz Hautzinger, Tomas Korber, Hans Koch, Thomas Peter, Taku Sugimoto); and collaboration with electronic music composer Marcel Zaes, among others. In the past 25 years, he has performed live in various festivals and sound art events in Europe, the USA and Canada. In 2012, he was the Hungarian curator of the Sound Exchange – Experimental Music Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe project, while in 2014 Sőrés curated the first collective international sound installation exhibition in Hungary called On the Edge of Perceptibility – Sound Art at Kunsthalle, Budapest.


Zsolt Sőrés