Company: Ballets Confidentiels

An elegant and fragile performance where bodies fall ad infinitum along the words of the Dada Manifesto, The Fall is an expression of our faith in the cycle of life, rising and falling, in present and future, without reason, in a state of permanent hope for what will come, regardless of the absurdity of the present. Ballets Confidentiels, founded in 2012 by Johanne Saunier and Ine Claes in Brussels, places dance where it is not expected to happen and triggers surprise and curiosity in the most casual manner.

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Has Expressionism fulfilled our expectations of such an art, which should be a measure of our most vital concerns? No! No! No!
Have the Expressionists fulfilled our expectations of an art that burns the essence of life into our flesh? No! No! No!

Tristan Tzara

Ine Claes is a choreographer/vocalist and received her training at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Ine explores the relationships between movement, voice, visual arts, and public space. She has collaborated as a dancer/choreographer/singer with visual artists Jacques Urbanska, Thomas Israel, Liesbeth Marit, Sara Claes and Koen Moerenhout; with Belgian music bands 74 Miles Away and Le Grand Bateau; and on dance projects with JOJI INC, Aloun Marchal, Cie Le Cardage, Sabine Molenaar, Marion Lévy and others. In 2017 began collaborations with Jerzy Bielski and Silbersee and created her first solo work, I choke, you choke, let's all choke together.

Johanne Saunier is dancer/choreographer and has danced for more than 12 years for the Belgian leading lady of contemporary dance, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In 1998, she started JOJI INC with Jim Clayburgh, one of the founders of the famous New York-based The Wooster Group. Together, they created many performances that were shown, praised and honoured in many countries. Johanne has also collaborated with an extensive list of artists and producers, such as Guy Cassiers, George Aperghis, Ictus Ensemble, Luc Bondy, opera singer Nathalie Dessay and others.


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