Together Forever!

Together Forever! is the third part in the Night in the City trilogy, that focuses on exposing current themes and topics that contemporary society refuses to deal with, (The first part of the trilogy, Whistleblowers premiered in 2015; the second part Disconnected in 2016). Like the previous parts of the trilogy, Together Forever! is a multilayered stage composition in the borderlands between the genres of movement theatre, video and documentary.
Magda and Zuzanka share their little lives through phone conversations. The first cannot be without the second, while the second is self-absorbed. Why are they still communicating at all, what keeps this friendship alive? Fragments of their absurd relationship appear in a kaleidoscope of situations from other lives, lived without recognizing their meaning and direction, between amusement and powerlessness, narcissism and fear of death. The present alternates with the past, rejection with a desire for closeness. Time passes, the elevator goes up – at some point the party has to end… We have grown old. Does that surprise us?

‘This is an extraordinarily intense production – you need a strong stomach. You won’t fall asleep. It’s more likely that you’ll be afraid of falling asleep for ever – just like the main characters…’  /J. Vitvar, Respekt/;

´The whole production is a miracle of precision, technique and discipline…and, at the end, you can feel a knife being stuck between your ribs.’  /N. Vangeli, Divadelní noviny/

The combination of sound, movement and staging are skilfully blended, with surprising images and effects. The dramaturgy is sharp and always seizes the moment. The total involvement of the cast of seniors carries a tremendous impact.  / L. Hayashi, Dance news /

Viliam Dočolomanský comes from Slovakia, where already in school he focused on movement theatre and music. He graduated from the theatre direction program at JAMU (Janáček Academy of Arts) in Brno and completed his doctorate at DAMU (Theatre Academy) in Prague. After several experiences as a guest director, he founded his own international theatre studio Farm in the Cave (Farma v jeskyni) as a modern laboratory for performers working on the border of physical, dance and musical theatre. He has won a number of awards, including European Theatre Prize New Theatrical Realities, Total Theatre Award, Herald Angel Award, the Alfréd Radok Award, Dance Piece of the Year 2016, the Respekt Magazine award for best dance work and others. 
Senior citizens, non-actors have co-created Together Forever! working closely with company members and performers Hana Varadzinová and Eliška Vavříková and they all perform together as well. The radical idea of involving Prague seniors, with no previous experience of creating physical theatre on a professional level, led to the creation of a unique community in which the generation gap and disdain that old people in the twilight of their lives frequently experience, disappeared. 


Theatre / company

Farma v jeskyni / Farm in the Cave

Czech title

Navždy spolu!


Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský, Juraj Augustín


Viliam Dočolomanský, Monika Částková


Marcel Bárta, Viliam Dočolomanský, Miriam Bayle


Hana Varadzinová, Eliška Vavříková, Helena Šikýřová, Karel Hybš, Václav Kejmar, Josef Kaiser, Januše Schmidová or Eva Maříková, Helena Myslivečková, Jarmila Šimonová, Jindřich Šourek, Jiří Míček and Marcel Bárta


Sodja Lotker

Stage design

Viliam Dočolomanský, Lucia Škandíková, Sylvia Dvořáčková

Costume design

Tereza Kopecká

Lighting design

František Fabián

Sound design

Eva Hamouzová

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Stage description

large / stage needs to be quite deep Ideal venue has: 10m x 17m x 5m / width x depth x height Possible to adapt into smaller venues to 9 000 x 1 470 cm – matter of discussion with the compa

Number of travelling persons



2017 – Viliam Dočolomanský is candidate for The Theatre Newspaper Award for authorship and directing the performance Together Forever!. Together Forever! is a part of Caravan Next, a large-scale Social Community Theatre collaborative project connecting professional artists with communities and local citizens. From September 2015 till February 2019 a huge network of European theatre organisations and cultural institutions creates Social Community Theatre events in 16 different European countries. More about Caravan Next on


March 20, 21, 22, 2017 Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, Prague, CZ


Barbara Tůmová