Family Journey

We've been told: "You are the family. Stick together and you‘ll be the happiest family ever. The happiest family in the world. You can have everything in the world. If you truly wish it."

We witness a family event where peculiar stories and obsessions of individual characters come to the light of the day. The unusual emerges in the form of a magical physical adventure.
This project challenges dancers’ physical limitations leading to a unique, attractive physical expression. This conjures up caricatures of all performers, who are part of an unusual, unpredictable and loving family.

The bodies of Lachky's dancers are overwhelmed, or almost burst with tension and this tension is discharged into absurd grotesque movements. This kind of dance humour (and it is one of the most difficult disciplines) makes the audience laugh as loud as when hearing pub jokes. The dancers compete in “crazy dance jokes”. Lachky is – one could say the director of the Ministry of Silly Walks from the Monty Python.
Nina Vangeli – Theatre Newspaper, November 27, 2017

Anton Lachky – the choreographer
Born in 1982 in Slovakia he studied at the Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 2001 and later at P.A.R.T.S. School in Belgium.
In 2004 Anton became member of Akram Khan Company for two years.
Anton is co-founder of Les Slovaks Company and their first piece "Opening Night" in 2007.
He's working for various scenes like Helsinki City Theater (Softandhard), Iceland Dance Co. (Perfect Day To Dream), Zagreb (Kids in a Play), SEAD (Sens Interdit), St-Gallen (Magical Road), Goeteborg Ballet (Wonderland), Biennale of Venice / Scottish Dance Theater and for their own company (Side Effects, 2015, Cartoon, 2017), etc.

DOT504 – the company 
Founded in 2006 by their artistic director Mrs Lenka Ottová.
The cooperation with choreographers Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea (RootLessRoot) imprinted the group its special character and formed the international success. Holdin’ Fast 2008, 100 Wounded Tears (2009) and Collective Loss of Memory (2014) are the worldwide successful projects. Current cooperation with Anton Lachky builds on the previous successful way of DOT504.


Theatre / company


Czech title

Family Journey


Anton Lachky, Eleonore Valère Lachky


Anton Lachky, Eleonore Valère Lachky


musical collage


Anna Karenina Lambrechts (BE), Pavel Mašek (CZ), Angel Duran Muntada (SP) & Ioulia Zacharaki (GR) as a special guest

Costume design

Anton Lachky

Lighting design

Martin Hamouz

Sound design

Tomáš Novotný

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

10 x 10 meters minimum, white dance floor, white backdrop

Number of travelling persons



November 2017, Ponec – the Dance Venue, Prague, CZ


Lenka Ottová