The Narrator

Many women hide secrets in their lives, many women cannot talk about them and many conceal their experiences with childbirth, abortion or miscarriage. Is it a social taboo? A French performer Cécile Da Costa dances, sings and undergoes extreme physical strain in order to tell her intimate story. The Narrator is about a desire to express the inexpressible, The Narrator is about the memory of a body which cannot completely forget, The Narrator is about finding a dance language through which we communicate our emotions.

The Narrator is harrowing, but it walks a precise edge, and never dissolves into incoherence. Instead, it reveals the hard, abrasive texture of a woman’s anger, and lays out, with pitiless exactitude, the topography of her pain. - Alexandra Gray 
A peerless piece of physical theatre. Set, lighting, and live music integrate perfectly with a performance of formidable emotional power. – Robert Mapplethorpe

Cécile Da Costa (performer) is French/Portuguese actress, dancer, singer and choreographic director. Graduated from the university Saint Denis, Paris XIII in Sciences of Education. Since 2005 she has been working as an actress. She was a member of the Farm in the Cave International Theater Studio (Prague, Czech Republic) for 5 years. Cécile is now working as  an actress/singer with Spitfire Company based in Prague. She is running workshops of physical theater in Prague, France, Poland and Greece. In her work she is searching for voices which can move the body and bodies which can move the voice.

Petr Boháč is a director, scenographer, expert on Czech literature, occasional painter and a passionate poker player. His home ensemble, the Spitfire Company, that he co-founded with his wife Miřenka Čechová, is based in Prague with an overlap into international context. His work as a director has been seen in more than 20 countries, including Japan, China, South Korea,  USA, Israel, South Africa or Norway. Some of his work has received international as well as domestic awards such as The Herald Angel Award, Aerowaves Priority Companies 2014, Theatre Newspaper Award, Next Waves Festival Award or Czech Dance Platform Award.

Theatre / company

Spitfire Company

Czech title



Petr Boháč


Jan Šikl and David Kollar


Cécile Da Costa


Marc Olivé

Lighting design

Jiří Šmirk

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

minimal stage is: 10x10m

Number of travelling persons



Theatre Newspaper Award 2015/2016 Nomination for Total Teatre Award, Edinburgh 2017


29.3.2016 in Palác Akropolis, Prague, CZ


Tereza Havlíčková